Fitness Center Crasher

My journey to fitness with Vince Vaughn's Mom

YES to New Orleans

First of all, I survived yesterday’s “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” workout. Actually – I feel myself getting stronger and my cardio improving and although it’s challenging in many ways it’s getting better for me. My fitness confidence is growing. Shea led us in a mini stretching exercise at the end that felt fabulous!!

I was on the Elliptical yesterday for a good portion of the workout next to Robin. I think that helped make it all more bearable. Robin (coach, nutritionist, trainer & more) shared some great insights on nutrition and recommendations to help me up my water intake. She recommends adding slices of lemon, or cucumber and now and then even slices of fresh Aloe (found at Whole Foods). Shea came over periodically for the cardio blasts and talked to me about taking the MAG07 pills again one night and then the Cayenne Pepper pills the next morning, alternating. I think these are both excellent suggestions to help me break through this plateau. I got a great workout and gleaned some gems of wisdom at the same time.

Later in the workout when I was on the bike Shea came over to check in and for the cardio blasts. I asked her for advice about the New Orleans dilemma. After I told her the dilemma and the pros and cons she looked right at me and said “you should go, you may never have this opportunity again” and then went on to say that she thinks it will be good for me to navigate this and that she knows I’m ready. She suggested checking to see if the hotel had a fitness center (done – yes a nice one), checking to see if they have a blender for the smoothies (done – I found a juice bar less than 2 miles away) and just going and enjoying myself. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised. I thought she’d say that I should stay and focus on the program since its “CRUNCH TIME” (just ask my abs). It feels good to know that she has the confidence in me to know that I will continue to kick my own butt in her absence. This is my way of life now. New Orleans here I come!!

Off to work out!

PS – someone that I love was recently accepted into the Healthy Initiative Chicago program – one week ago yesterday. Although there are less than 10 weeks left this is such a great opportunity! They will be well on their way to continue this lifestyle after that point. I’m not able to share any more information at this point other than WOW am I happy for them. I learned yesterday that after 7 days they are down 18 pounds!!! WOO!! HOO!!!


Tick Tock…decision time….

I am so sore this morning! My abs hurt – some of which must be attributed to great laughs with special girlfriends last night. Oh what a week this has been!
Monday – 1 ½ hour training/workout
Tuesday – personal training session
Today – 1 ½ hour OPTIONAL “no where to run, no where to hide” workout with Shea in Chicago
Thursday – personal training session
Friday – 1 ½ hour workout with the Joffrey Ballet
Saturday – semi-private personal training with Shea “holy shit”
Sunday – team workout in Chicago

I am really stepping it up. The clock is ticking and March 9th is right around the corner.

I’m feeling conflicted about something – New Orleans. I’m scheduled to leave on Sunday for a “business trip” to New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go and would be staying at the hotel where I conceived – “where it all started”. Too much information I know. My parents have giggled like newlyweds my entire life whenever they recall their trip to New Orleans and their stay at the Roosevelt Hotel. I’ve always felt uncomfortable and curious at the same time. Actually knowing that my “roots” are in New Orleans explains a lot – like my tendency toward taking my clothes off and/or flashing when I’ve had too much to drink, my wild and crazy side, the list goes on.

These “business trips” are part business but also HUGE food and drink fests. I’ve already researched and know there is an awesome gym at the hotel, I’ve requested a vegan diet…but…I’m looking at the schedule and wondering how I’m going to be able to workout as much as I need to and also wondering what I’m going to do without my smoothies.

All of this has me conflicted. Last night I told my girlfriends that I wasn’t going to go. This morning I woke up feeling like maybe I should. SHOULD, there’s that word again.

PROS – it’s New Orleans, it’s the Roosevelt Hotel, it’s time away with Dave, it’s REAL LIFE – meaning part of my journey is navigating through things like the Holidays and business trips. I always meet amazing people and make new friends – LOVE that about these meetings.

CONS – the Gala is March 9th and I need to stay focused TICK TOCK. If I go I miss my Sunday group work out/centering session “pep talk”, and the Wednesday work out and a good part of next week at MY gym. My vitamix may start to rust. I have to spruce up the wardrobe with things that WILL NOT fit me in 60 days and beyond.

COMPROMIZE – I could go for a couple of days instead of the entire time…

Decision time! I’m going to think this through all morning, especially while Shea is kicking my already dragging @$$ and make my FINAL decision.

Change will do you good….

We continue to receive inspirational GEMS from Shea and team (sent via Robin, communicant extraordinaire). A recent one urged us to make sure we are changing things up a bit. For example if you’re taking a Zumba class every night you are encouraged to take a different class to trick your body and improve your results.

I decided to apply this logic to my trainer at Xsport. This was really hard for me to do. I found myself feeling worried that I might hurt his feelings. I almost didn’t do anything because I worried so much about that – can you relate to that? I needed to be reminded that this process is about me and about my results. I gave myself permission to make this move and I think it’s a good thing. I had my first session with the new trainer today and it went well. It was different, and that’s what I need right now.

Shea’s message for today:
Why are we so afraid to tell our truth? Because we want to be accepted and we want everyone to like us. We exchange their approval for our own self-respect and self-worth. The price is too high. The irony is that if we’re true to ourselves, we’ll love and accept ourselves more and won’t need so much approval from everyone else. The next time you find yourself swallowing your voice to ‘keep the peace’ remember that what you swallow starts a war within you. We have to make peace within ourselves before we will see it in the world. Be brave…you are more powerful than you realize.

Shall we dance?

Wednesday night on our weekly group call we learned that a professional hip-hop dance company has signed on to help and wants to lead our workout this Sunday! This sounds like fun to me…I mean there’s no stepper involved…I don’t think…and no crazy bands that make your arms burn…there’s no way they could incorporate crazy core work that makes you want to hurl with a scary little ball…and we can’t possibly do this on a treadmill and/or Elliptical – right?

On Friday, January 11th there is an option to work out for AN HOUR AND A HALF with the JOFFREY BALLET!! For a moment I had a flash back to the print of Mikhail Barysnikov that used to decorate my apartment when I was single. It hung dangerously close to the one of Dolph Lundgren – I haven’t thought about those in a long time. I picture Mikhail in the corner telling me how FABULOUS my plies are….and Dolph just sort of standing there nodding in agreement. Does Dolph talk? Should Dolph talk? What happened to Dolph? Seriously, even though it sounded pretty amazing we’re talking about the JOFFREY BALLET and for AN HOUR AND A HALF. As if that’s not bad enough the term “film crew” was uttered somewhere in there. YIKES!

So…I did what I’ve learned to do when things scare me to death…I said YES – sign me up. I’ve been on a roll with this philosophy and it’s led me to all kinds of amazing experiences and people. So let’s talk about what’s really important..the nail polish color for the pedicure…Ballet Slippers by Essie 🙂

Hello 2013 – how YOU doin’?

Today was a hard workout. One hour and 41 minutes worth BABY! I realized that this is what it’s going to take for me to reach my goal. I’m determined and so very grateful to be part of this program. Shea is AMAZING and BRUTALLY HONEST and MOTIVATING (a wicked combination). I have so much respect and admiration for her. Helping people like me is her passion and when she talks to you it’s with compassion yet with such honesty that her words make their way into your soul and transform you.

I’m changing. I found it easy to embrace the food part of this journey and now the workout piece is making its way toward a habit. I’m starting to see things differently now. I’m starting to look at it as something that I’m doing FOR ME rather than something I have to do for some other reason (pick one: people say I should, I think I should, I want my trainer to think I’m awesome). I think I might be growing up! : )


“Let’s ski this bitch”

Many years ago I was skiing at Copper Mountain in Colorado with my youngest brother, Mike. He was about 16 at the time. We took the chair lift up to the top of the mountain. The trail to the right was an intermediate hill; to the left was an EXPERT ONLY double black diamond hill. Joking, I went to the left and skied down about 10 feet (knowing that I could make my way back to the top after the joke was over). I looked up at Mike and said “Come on Mike”. He stared at me in disbelief and then all of a sudden he lowered his goggles over his eyes and looked right at me and said “OK, let’s ski this bitch” and down he went. That was the last thing that I expected. I can’t remember what was more terrifying…the trip down the mountain or the steep chairlift ride back up to the top but I do remember that we laughed all the way and still laugh to this day. What a great spirit he’s always had.

It is with that same spirit that I surrender myself to this process. This next ten weeks is sure to test my spirit, but I am up for the challenge so look out – when it comes to outdoor sports and strong willed spirits us Norwegian’s don’t mess around!!

Hello it’s me….

Well it’s been a busy Holiday season and I’m happy to report my successes. I can honestly say that I have made it past all of the eating temptations with flying colors. I don’t plan to drink any alcohol at all until March 9th when I will allow myself to have one glass of wine. I am done with dairy and don’t miss it at all. I have no desire to eat any type of meat. I have allowed myself to eat eggs and also salmon – so I’m a Vegan who eats eggs and salmon. : ) That may not make a lot of sense to you but consider that my sister is a vegetarian who eats bacon. Long story, just know that I’m an independent thinker – always have been!

There are TEN short weeks left until the Gala Celebration. I am on a mission. I plan to lose 60 more pounds by March 9, 2013. I am stepping up my workouts and now keeping a food journal. This is the area that continues to be my biggest struggle. MAKING TIME FOR MYSELF, EMBRACING IT AND MAKING IT HAPPEN. “Bob the Body Builder” says we can do this and that’s what I needed to hear. We need BIG weeks every week from here on out and that will require pulling out all of the stops. If food journals are part of that then I’m in!

I worked out with Bob on Friday and again yesterday. SIDE NOTE. The day before yesterday I received an email from Shea. In that email she referenced my mental strength. She has told me before that she sees me as mentally strong. I sat and read that over a few times and you know what I’ve decided? That my goal is for her to tell me that she sees me as PHYSICALLY STRONG! That’s what I want, that is my new goal!
I have to admit that I planned back to back workouts with Bob BEFORE I learned that we have a workout with Shea TODAY. A THREE-FER. Yikes. I have not seen Shea and team since December 16th. That means they are rested and refreshed. I am being completely honest when I say that what I’m most looking forward to today is the ride home afterwards!!

I’ve decided that during the next 10 weeks I will make a blog entry every day. Get ready to enjoy the rest of this journey with me! “Let’s ski this bitch” – another long story…..