Shall we dance?

by fitnesscentercrasher

Wednesday night on our weekly group call we learned that a professional hip-hop dance company has signed on to help and wants to lead our workout this Sunday! This sounds like fun to me…I mean there’s no stepper involved…I don’t think…and no crazy bands that make your arms burn…there’s no way they could incorporate crazy core work that makes you want to hurl with a scary little ball…and we can’t possibly do this on a treadmill and/or Elliptical – right?

On Friday, January 11th there is an option to work out for AN HOUR AND A HALF with the JOFFREY BALLET!! For a moment I had a flash back to the print of Mikhail Barysnikov that used to decorate my apartment when I was single. It hung dangerously close to the one of Dolph Lundgren – I haven’t thought about those in a long time. I picture Mikhail in the corner telling me how FABULOUS my plies are….and Dolph just sort of standing there nodding in agreement. Does Dolph talk? Should Dolph talk? What happened to Dolph? Seriously, even though it sounded pretty amazing we’re talking about the JOFFREY BALLET and for AN HOUR AND A HALF. As if that’s not bad enough the term “film crew” was uttered somewhere in there. YIKES!

So…I did what I’ve learned to do when things scare me to death…I said YES – sign me up. I’ve been on a roll with this philosophy and it’s led me to all kinds of amazing experiences and people. So let’s talk about what’s really important..the nail polish color for the pedicure…Ballet Slippers by Essie 🙂