Hello it’s me….

by fitnesscentercrasher

Well it’s been a busy Holiday season and I’m happy to report my successes. I can honestly say that I have made it past all of the eating temptations with flying colors. I don’t plan to drink any alcohol at all until March 9th when I will allow myself to have one glass of wine. I am done with dairy and don’t miss it at all. I have no desire to eat any type of meat. I have allowed myself to eat eggs and also salmon – so I’m a Vegan who eats eggs and salmon. : ) That may not make a lot of sense to you but consider that my sister is a vegetarian who eats bacon. Long story, just know that I’m an independent thinker – always have been!

There are TEN short weeks left until the Gala Celebration. I am on a mission. I plan to lose 60 more pounds by March 9, 2013. I am stepping up my workouts and now keeping a food journal. This is the area that continues to be my biggest struggle. MAKING TIME FOR MYSELF, EMBRACING IT AND MAKING IT HAPPEN. “Bob the Body Builder” says we can do this and that’s what I needed to hear. We need BIG weeks every week from here on out and that will require pulling out all of the stops. If food journals are part of that then I’m in!

I worked out with Bob on Friday and again yesterday. SIDE NOTE. The day before yesterday I received an email from Shea. In that email she referenced my mental strength. She has told me before that she sees me as mentally strong. I sat and read that over a few times and you know what I’ve decided? That my goal is for her to tell me that she sees me as PHYSICALLY STRONG! That’s what I want, that is my new goal!
I have to admit that I planned back to back workouts with Bob BEFORE I learned that we have a workout with Shea TODAY. A THREE-FER. Yikes. I have not seen Shea and team since December 16th. That means they are rested and refreshed. I am being completely honest when I say that what I’m most looking forward to today is the ride home afterwards!!

I’ve decided that during the next 10 weeks I will make a blog entry every day. Get ready to enjoy the rest of this journey with me! “Let’s ski this bitch” – another long story…..