Tick Tock…decision time….

by fitnesscentercrasher

I am so sore this morning! My abs hurt – some of which must be attributed to great laughs with special girlfriends last night. Oh what a week this has been!
Monday – 1 ½ hour training/workout
Tuesday – personal training session
Today – 1 ½ hour OPTIONAL “no where to run, no where to hide” workout with Shea in Chicago
Thursday – personal training session
Friday – 1 ½ hour workout with the Joffrey Ballet
Saturday – semi-private personal training with Shea “holy shit”
Sunday – team workout in Chicago

I am really stepping it up. The clock is ticking and March 9th is right around the corner.

I’m feeling conflicted about something – New Orleans. I’m scheduled to leave on Sunday for a “business trip” to New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go and would be staying at the hotel where I conceived – “where it all started”. Too much information I know. My parents have giggled like newlyweds my entire life whenever they recall their trip to New Orleans and their stay at the Roosevelt Hotel. I’ve always felt uncomfortable and curious at the same time. Actually knowing that my “roots” are in New Orleans explains a lot – like my tendency toward taking my clothes off and/or flashing when I’ve had too much to drink, my wild and crazy side, the list goes on.

These “business trips” are part business but also HUGE food and drink fests. I’ve already researched and know there is an awesome gym at the hotel, I’ve requested a vegan diet…but…I’m looking at the schedule and wondering how I’m going to be able to workout as much as I need to and also wondering what I’m going to do without my smoothies.

All of this has me conflicted. Last night I told my girlfriends that I wasn’t going to go. This morning I woke up feeling like maybe I should. SHOULD, there’s that word again.

PROS – it’s New Orleans, it’s the Roosevelt Hotel, it’s time away with Dave, it’s REAL LIFE – meaning part of my journey is navigating through things like the Holidays and business trips. I always meet amazing people and make new friends – LOVE that about these meetings.

CONS – the Gala is March 9th and I need to stay focused TICK TOCK. If I go I miss my Sunday group work out/centering session “pep talk”, and the Wednesday work out and a good part of next week at MY gym. My vitamix may start to rust. I have to spruce up the wardrobe with things that WILL NOT fit me in 60 days and beyond.

COMPROMIZE – I could go for a couple of days instead of the entire time…

Decision time! I’m going to think this through all morning, especially while Shea is kicking my already dragging @$$ and make my FINAL decision.