YES to New Orleans

by fitnesscentercrasher

First of all, I survived yesterday’s “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” workout. Actually – I feel myself getting stronger and my cardio improving and although it’s challenging in many ways it’s getting better for me. My fitness confidence is growing. Shea led us in a mini stretching exercise at the end that felt fabulous!!

I was on the Elliptical yesterday for a good portion of the workout next to Robin. I think that helped make it all more bearable. Robin (coach, nutritionist, trainer & more) shared some great insights on nutrition and recommendations to help me up my water intake. She recommends adding slices of lemon, or cucumber and now and then even slices of fresh Aloe (found at Whole Foods). Shea came over periodically for the cardio blasts and talked to me about taking the MAG07 pills again one night and then the Cayenne Pepper pills the next morning, alternating. I think these are both excellent suggestions to help me break through this plateau. I got a great workout and gleaned some gems of wisdom at the same time.

Later in the workout when I was on the bike Shea came over to check in and for the cardio blasts. I asked her for advice about the New Orleans dilemma. After I told her the dilemma and the pros and cons she looked right at me and said “you should go, you may never have this opportunity again” and then went on to say that she thinks it will be good for me to navigate this and that she knows I’m ready. She suggested checking to see if the hotel had a fitness center (done – yes a nice one), checking to see if they have a blender for the smoothies (done – I found a juice bar less than 2 miles away) and just going and enjoying myself. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised. I thought she’d say that I should stay and focus on the program since its “CRUNCH TIME” (just ask my abs). It feels good to know that she has the confidence in me to know that I will continue to kick my own butt in her absence. This is my way of life now. New Orleans here I come!!

Off to work out!

PS – someone that I love was recently accepted into the Healthy Initiative Chicago program – one week ago yesterday. Although there are less than 10 weeks left this is such a great opportunity! They will be well on their way to continue this lifestyle after that point. I’m not able to share any more information at this point other than WOW am I happy for them. I learned yesterday that after 7 days they are down 18 pounds!!! WOO!! HOO!!!