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Promises, Promises 11-29-12

Today was one of those crazy busy days we all face.  I had overcommitted myself and didn’t know where I could possibly fit my work out in.  I was feeling overwhelmed and like my life was running me instead of the other way around.  I feel that way often and I’d like to get to the bottom of what that’s all about and change it.

Tonight I had a retirement party.  I said yes when I got the invitation for all sorts of reasons, but now as I was looking at my calendar I wondered what I was thinking when I said that.  Parties are hard in general right now.  There’s the whole food thing but also the fact that trying to fit in working out into an already crazy schedule usually maxes it out just at that.  

I was lucky enough to have talked with Steph today.  Just that short amount of time I spent on the phone with her did me a WORLD of good.  She helped get my head in the right place.  I decided that I would go to the retirement party dressed in my workout clothes, not stay too long and then head to the gym to get my workout in.  Seems simple enough…. 

I am so glad I went.  The woman who was retiring, Beth is an absolutely amazing woman.  I enjoyed visiting with some great people.  I drank ice water with lemon and ate some fresh cut veggies.  That was a BONUS.  I wasn’t expecting to find anything that I could eat.  I observed people mindlessly eating and drinking.  All I kept thinking to myself was “Empty Calories”.  I’ve become very aware of how much we as a society mindlessly snack.  Handfuls of M&M’s here, chips & dip, wine…more wine… I don’t think I’ve spent much time thinking about it BEFORE this journey….but now I can see how much mindless snacking I used to partake in.  I’ve noticed that now when I attend events I feel more present, more in the moment…not distracted by appetizers but really engaging in meaningful conversation with people.  I can tell you one thing…I have absolutely no idea what food was served.  If I go back before this event in my mind I could have told you every food item there and offered a critique on each.  Interesting… 

I excused myself at just the right time.  All of the speeches had been made; folks were enjoying their coffee & desserts.  The hostess sent me home with a bag of cookies for the kids.  I joked that she better seal the package securely, but the truth is that I wasn’t feeling tempted by them.  My big struggle is the work out piece.  So as I’m driving to XSport I’m having this conversation in my head.  Do I really want to go work out now?  It’s been a long day, haven’t I done enough today?  Would anybody know if I just went home?  What about these workout clothes that I took the time to change into?  Then I remembered my conversation with Steph earlier.  The promise that I needed to keep today was the one I made to myself.  Just go there Julie…you can do this.  

Sunday we did a really cool interval workout.  It was 20 minutes but the equivalent of 40 because of the intensity.  I told myself to go to XSport and do that workout.  On the way in I saw Mel.  I had a really productive conversation with he took the time to print out some great recipe ideas for me…like Cauliflower steak!  I can’t wait to try that one!!  I then headed over to the treadmill, then to the Elliptical and got ‘er done!  When I finished I was red faced and sweaty.  I saw Bob on the way out.  He said “it looks like you were working hard”…and I was!!  🙂 

I felt great at the end of the day today.  Gold Star day!!  I think I should work with Steph and get rid of some of these road blocks that are in the way of my progress.


Step it up….

Yesterday at our team meeting/workout we had a very special guest.  One of our trainers, Stephanie Mansour, brought in one of her clients, Marissa.  Marissa lost 83 pounds in 12 weeks for a reality television series, working with Stephanie.  Marissa talked to us and shared her story.  It was so inspiring and rejuvenating for me.  You can learn more about Marissa on Stephanie’s website


 I was feeling discouraged going into yesterday’s meeting.  I even considered (for a nano second) not going at all.  I shared how I was feeling with my husband, Dave and he encouraged me to just look at the fact that I’m doing everything right and to keep doing what I’m doing.  For some reason that made me want to slug him.  Dave is super fit – but don’t let me tell you that…he just completed a health/fitness evaluation at work and that’s exactly what his results came back at…super fit.  He completed the Chicago Marathon, and the Chicago Triathlon and looks like an Eddie Bauer model.   So as he stands there in the kitchen telling me to keep going I have to admit that while I am so thankful for this man that part of me is yelling inside “You have absolutely how it feels to be this overweight.  If you did you’d have a hard time being patient and staying the course”.  And then he did it.  The icing on the cake meant to help me …he said “you didn’t put this weight on overnight and can’t expect to take it off in 3 weeks”.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t smiling and singing to the radio on the way to Chicago.  It was more a blank stare and a grumpy impatient demeanor.  Here’s the really ugly part.  I think I’m jealous of my husband.  This beautiful man who is willing to do this cleanse with me.  I’m jealous.  Yesterday while I was in Chicago working out he went for a bike ride, just a bike ride…52 miles!!  He wants me to get a bike like his new road bike.  He is so genuine and he imagines that one day we will be doing 100 mile bike rides together.  I want that.  But today I fear if I get on the bike in the shop I might just pop those skinny little tires. 

Listening to Marissa is just exactly what I needed…how did Shea know?  What an incredible transformation!  I can do this.  A voice inside my head reminds me that it’s going to be a lot easier if I’m a friend to myself.  It’s time to change my self-talk.  Marissa shared that one of the things she worked with Stephanie on was building her confidence.  This is what I need right now.  I stayed late yesterday to talk with Stephanie to see if she would work with me on that.  It’s time for me to Step It Up with Steph!



My day started with a workout with Bob.  It was great.  Today I got to use the Power Plates which are amazing.  I can’t explain it but it makes your workout harder and is intense.  It was fun to try it out today.  Then we went in the gym and did some boxing moves.  My favorite part was at the end when we played “Mole Mash” boxing – Bob kept me guessing as to which mitt I’d have to punch next.  It was great because it took my mind off everything else.  The very best part was at the end of the workout when we got to use the POWER PLATE to vibrate my tired muscles into bliss.  It was amazing.  In fact I would go back and do it all over again just for that. 

Unfortunately my weight has not changed and I didn’t lose any additional fat.  This has really bummed me out today.  I’ve had such a tough week of work outs and my eating has been stellar.  I’ve even taken Shea’s suggestion and gone to smoothies every other day.  I’m going to email her today and see what she has to say.  Bob asked if maybe I’m not eating enough.  Wouldn’t that be great if that were the remedy?  I fear that Shea might take me back to just shakes.  Stay tuned.


So, I’m really starting to enjoy eating real food.  Yesterday at the gym Shea asked me how I was doing.  I told her that I’ve lost 12 pounds in total (as of last Friday) and weigh in again on Friday.  She suggested that I go to SMOOTHIES ALL DAY every OTHER DAY for best results.  Yep, that’s right.  You heard it here.  So, today is a smoothie day.  I can do this!!!!!!

Day 18


Since my last entry I have transitioned off the smoothies.  It’s a whole new world out there and I embrace it.


While on the smoothies I got in the habit of eating three times a day, no snacks.  This is how I eat now and for the most part it’s not difficult.  I can tell when it’s getting close to meal time and it feels good to be hungry and to recognize what that means. 


My morning starts with a glass of warm water with the juice of ½ a lemon and 2 cayenne pepper pills.  Next comes a smoothie, yep – everyday for breakfast a “Breakthrough Smoothie” aka “Go Go Juice”.  Like it or not, it provides a huge amount of fruits and vegetables that my body needs.  Liquid vitamins straight from the source!


Lunch is a power salad, always.  This contains broccoli, sprouts, avocado, kale, spinach, chard, red bell pepper, carrots, and tomato with homemade dressing.  The dressing is equal parts of high lignan flax seed oil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  You can also add chopped garlic.  It’s amazing – so filling and flavorful.  Shea and Theresa (nutritionist extraordinaire) has suggested other dressing recipes that I’m anxious to try.


Dinner is any one of a number of delicious whole food vegan recipes.  So far I love every single one that we’ve tried.   



CARDIO KICK didn’t do the trick

Earlier this week I went to the gym for a cardio kick class.  I thought it would be good for me because my cardio really needs to improve.  This class was ridiculous.  I have no idea what the girl who taught it was doing but it was just too hard to follow.  I think she drank a case of 5 hour energy before class and was making it up as she went along.  After about 30 minutes I gave up and went and got on the bike.  What made me feel good was the next day when a girl I know who happened to be in the same class (young and fit) sent me a message that she couldn’t follow it either!!  Next time I’m choosing a different class for sure.



Shea offered an optional workout in Chicago yesterday for the team.  I decided to go because I knew it would be food for me.  I have to admit I was terrified.  Anyway, with Shea apparently walking on the treadmill is not good enough…one must punch with weights in their hands to really get their heart rate up.  I don’t know what I would have done without Travis.  He was amazing and stuck by me to make sure we both got it done.  I wish I could workout with him every day.  I had no idea my face could turn that shade of red.  So…after the treadmill it was onto the machines and just when I thought I couldn’t do anymore Shea came over to check in on me.  I thought I’d strike up a conversation.  I remember telling her that I think she’s amazing – because she is.  You know what she said to me?  “Two more sets of twenty”. 







Today is Day 10…to take you back to where this all started we need to go back to yesterday.  Yesterday morning I drank my morning GO GO JUICE (GGJ) and all was well with the Universe.  I brought my thermos to work with my lunch shake and that’s where things went south.  I have grown to despise the lunch shake.  First of all it contains grapefruit, which I hate.  Second of all it’s so acidic and putrid that it reminds me of how my mouth tastes after I vomit.  Is that graphic enough?  Still I drank three small glasses of it…telling myself the entire time that it was premium fuel for my body.  I literally shutter after each glass.


Last night was a very busy night.  Since the shakes have a tendency to make me “GO GO” at the most inopportune times I opted to wait to have my dinner shake.  By the end of the night I felt weak and like I was going to faint.  Remembering what happened the last time I opted to forgo dinner I choked down my shake.  My stomach has been upset ever since. 


I woke up not feeling well and powered through my morning GGJ.  By the time lunch came around I just couldn’t do it.  I drank nothing but water for the rest of the day.  I called Dave to tell him what was going on and he brought me home some amazing soup from Wisma.   The ingredients may have read purely squash, salt & pepper but I’ll tell you that it SHOULD HAVE READ HEAVEN.  It was fantastic and even though it was whole food and nothing that would KILL me calorically (is that a word?) I still had this terrible nagging feeling.


Tonight was our 2nd group call with Shea.  Is she Psychic?  The first question she asked is “who has strayed from the program, come on guys now is your time to confess and get it out there so we can talk about it”.  I had to confess.  I’m so glad I did.  She proposed a “tweak” to the breakfast smoothie and told me that I don’t have to drink the horrid grapefruit one!!  BAD NEWS is that my bad behavior has earned me another day on this cleanse.  I now understand why this is important and I can do it.  Today we are chalking up to a learning experience. 


Telling the truth is cleansing, tomorrow is a new day!! 


Ode to Honey Boo Boo

I’ve been trying to figure out what to name the shakes.  Last night it hit me “GO GO JUICE”.  This is perfect!  First of all it is so jam packed with vitamins that it gives me energy, and there’s the bathroom effect.  It’s genius.  “Go Go Juice” it is.